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Remote Monitoring at PrismPointe Technologies

Service excellence happens every day at SMS because of the efforts and hard work of individuals who know that a satisfied customer is a great customer.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide exceptional service with every incident, SMS built our own remote monitoring software that interfaces seamlessly with singlePoint®.


  Immediate service

SMS offers this service on select equipment to our customers who require the most immediate service when issues arise. 

  • Individual systems can “call home” and register an incident with singlePoint®
  • Individual systems can alert SMS of issues or alarms when they occur with singlePoint®
  • Your staff does not need to be present or involved in the resolution as it occurs
  • Alerts are made through singlePoint® and monitored using singlePoint®
  Automated call handling

For most circumstances, this service does not require the purchase of special tools or agents.  

SMS is happy to work with some of the very same systems, either installed by the manufacturer, or in conjunction with a customer’s own internally managed event monitoring system. Events, or email messages are sent and:

  • Immediately registered by our Call Center and your are notified
  • Trouble tickets are created
  • SMS field engineering technicians are dispatched
  • You are notified of the resolution

SMS works to provide a single point of contact for the resolution of IT equipment failures that occur in your data center.  Now, these equipment failures can be recorded, actioned, tracked and resolved with greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before.