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Our Service Centers

Our Service Centers are more than just "Dots on a Map"

PrismPointe is the absolute expert in delivering maintenance and support for your client server infrastructure.  Whether your architecture is local, covers a campus,  or requires global support, PrismPointe will customize a "can do" solution for you.

  • Do you need a company that is an expert at handling your printer fleet, your desktop, or your network?
  • Do you need a company that has secure "bricks and mortar" locations in the markets we service?
  • Do you need a company that customizes a support plan for you, with parts in house and service levels for every situation?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help you with our many, secure, physical service centers.

    Global Coverage from Physical Service Centers

    Our Facilities


    Corpoate headquarters PrismPointe Technologies has 5 types of facilities:
    1. Our 83,000 square foot company headquarters in Atlanta Georgia, is designed for secure staging, testing, and stocking the parts and systems necessary to support your printer fleet and desktop client server computing infrastructure.
    2. Our 3 United States based call centers located in Atlanta, Charlotte and Kansas City to support your printer fleet, your desktop, your network and your data center.
    3. Our global backline support facility in Hudson Massachusetts, serves as a management center the central engineering organization that delivers data center support.
    4. Our many Service Centers around the globe are the coordination point for our field engineers to securely store the working parts, software and expertise needed to deliver our maintenance services.

    Global Coverage with Extraordinary Talent

    Our People PPT People PrismPointe retains highly talented, certified and experienced engineers who have the desire to deliver superior services to our loyal customer base. Prismpointe provides training, mentorship, and support to help our field engineers achieve success with our customers.
    • Our field engineers are Full Time Employees (FTE), certified on the products you have asked us to support
    • Our field engineers are experienced and have years of hands on training and testing for the products we support
    • Our backline central engineering organization are the absolute experts in their field, many having come from the OEM for the product line they support
    • Our call center agents have years of phone remediation support, expertise on your products and immediate contact with out backline support

    Our employees are empowered by our team driven culture that operates with the following principles:

    • We Deliver Results. At the end of the day, we will meet or exceed the expectations of our customers, our partners, and ourselves.
    • We Do The Right Thing. Honesty, integrity, and high ethical standards are hallmarks of our environment.
    • We Win Through Teamwork. Trusting each other is the foundation for an environment focused on complete customer satisfaction.

    Global Coverage for all Manufacturers

    Our Spares


    Spares InventoryPrismPointe stocks spares using many different methods in our ceaseless goal to meet your service levels:
    • Onsite sparing services ensures a level of business continuity unmatched in the industry where we keep a secure cage or locker at your site for you by our engineers
    • Depot Service at our local facility is the most cost-effective and efficient way to keep your equipment up and running
    • Advance Exchange for systems when you require quick replacement of equipment upon notification by you, we will ship or courier the replacement to your location
    • Reverse Logistics capabilities enables us to more fully diagnose your problem after a remedy has been made at your facility

    Our goal is to have the right spare, in the right place when it is needed.