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About Us

Our Technical Support

Our Customer Satisfaction is enhanced by our Technical Support

PrismPointe Technology invests heavily in technical support and certifications for all disciplines found within your printer fleet, desktop, or mobile client-server architecture.  This ensures that our customers:
  • Receive the most up to date technical skills, insights and knowledge from our backline support.
  • Always have access to the latest firmware, software revisions and technical tips for our field engineers.
  • Receive the shortest return to service times achievable
Customer Satisfaction at PrismPointe

Our broad technical knowledge guarantees that we provide you with a holistic approach when troubleshooting any of the technology we support for you.  This makes PrismPointe Technologies eminently qualified to diagnose your problem, and make the repairs necessary to repair your desktop, your mobile device, your printer, your multi-function device, your network or your blade server.

Technical Support Designed to Achieve Your Service Levels

Call Center As part of our exceptional service program for handling every incident, PrismPointe built its own, US headquartered, customer call center. When our competitors were either outsourcing or closing their customer call centers, PrismPointe was investing and building call centers for every region we service.
Field Engineers As part of our exceptional service program for keeping our best talent close to our customers, PrismPointe has added to it's full time employee (FTE) roster.  When our competitors were either downsizing of eliminating their field engineering staff, PrismPointe was investing and adding talent to field engineering.
Backline Support As part of our exceptional service program for making sure our field engineers and our call center agents had the best technical talent available to them, we were adding senior engineers to our central engineering organization.
Staging Centers

As part of our exceptional service program for providing total solutions to our customers, Prismpointe opened a 83,000 square foot secure staging facility where:

  • Personal Computers, laptops, network equipment, printers and multi function devices are stored
  • Software, hardware, configurations and supplies are standardized to match your need and loaded onto your computer
  • Engineers, labs and assistance are readily available for burning, testing, and usage prior to shipment

PrismPointe specializes in custom system setups, including multi-vendor integration, custom configuration, software loading and hard disk duplication. When we stage your solution, it arrives at your installation site already inventoried, assembled, loaded with software, configured, tested and asset tagged.