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  • Has the current economic situation left you short handed but you still carry the same workload?
  • Do you find yourself performing routine tasks in the data center while your important activities languish?
  • Are you constant seeking ways to improve efficiencies and reduce costs while still providing superior services?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies offers a range of flexible solutions designed to improve service levels while safely reducing costs.  Since 1981, we set the standard for flexible services with your printer fleet, on your desktop or with your mobile devices, wherever they may be.

Holistic IT Asset Services for Your Department or Your Data Center

Asset Management

PrismPointe's secure and flexible services can help you through all phases of the IT Asset Management Life cycle.  Most computer devices like printers, copiers and multi-function devices all have local storage capabilities just like a PC or a desktop device.  We can help you with:

  • Data erasure
  • Equipment removal and recovery.
  • Equipment recycling or repurposing within your organization.
Computer Installation
Computer Moves
Computer Adds
Computer Changes

PrismPointe help's your IT staff when you are short handed.  We can help you with any equipment change like:

  • Installation of printers, personal computers, desktop devices, and network equipment
  • Moves of equipment like printers, PCs, blades, racks and servers
  • Addition of software for personal computers, laptops and blade servers
  • Changes to software or equipment modifications like memory adds
Data Center

PrismPointe's local, certified, full time employees can help you with:

  • Planning for a data center move inside of your facility
  • Planning and performing a data center move within your state
  • Planning, performing and managing a data center move across the country

Managed Print Service for Better Usage and Savings

Managed Print

PrismPointe's flexible services allow you to optimize your print fleet with services like:

  • Planning your print fleet for efficient management and usage
  • Working our process for printer fleet improvement

Assessments for Ensuring  Accuracy and Performance


PrismPointe's assessment services give you a greater control over your printer fleet, desktop devices, mobile devices and data center by:

  • Surveying and inventorying all the equipment found on your site
  • Assessing its software content and firmware versions for security