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Data Center Relocation Assistance Services

  • Tired of overpaying for Personal Computer moves?
  • Concerned about who really owns the move liability?
  • Do you want to move or consolidate your entire client server environment?
  • Do you have multiple locations and need facilities for staging your equipment?
  • Do you need an expert in data center relocations to work with your team?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for responsive, cost effective, IT equipment move services for most products found in your data center.

PrismPointe is perfectly suited for the job when you are seeking IT move services that range from a simple PC desktop move to the most complex data center consolidation.

PrismPointe Relocation Assistance gives you the Help you need.

You will work with experienced relocation experts. You will have an un-eventful migration.  Your PrismPointe relocation specialist develops the migration logistics plan, from power down to power up. Your engineers remain onsite while the systems are being powered back on to ensure "green lights" across the board. 

  • You receive a single point of contact for coordination, management, and general oversight.
  • You receive a consolidated bill that can be bundled with your monthly maintenance if it is with PrismPointe.
  • You are guaranteed that if a hardware problem occurs during your move, it will be fixed.

Summary Description of Service Options
SMS Assistance
Project management for relocation team
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System labeling
check mark
System de-installation
check mark
Packing materials
check mark
Custom packing of equipment
check mark
Equipment transportation
check mark
Re-install systems at new site
check mark
System startup and system check
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