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Desktop Integration Capabilities

  • Are you looking to increase your business revenues by creating new technical products?
  • Do you see computer and computer technology as enabling the expansion of your revenue stream?
  • Do you wish to increase your delivery capabilities by using a multi-vendor multi-location SaaS provider?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies has built a desktop integration program just for you.  Since 1981, we set the standard for flexible, responsive, cost effective, deployments for customized solutions that require software and hardware integration and installation anywhere.

Do you Take Computers and Make them into Customer Solutions?

Our partner program is centered around the customer, their desire for superior service.  Our partnering program is designed around you, and your ability to recognize PrismPointe's value with multi-vendor, multi-location, full time engineers. Our objective is to help you sell your solution to your end users by using our unique skills to leverage your technical reach.
  • We will help you create a delivery advantage by using our technical skills and local staging facilities to build custom, integrated solutions.
  • We will use our W2, FTE workforce to help you stage, image, wire, install, test and maintain your custom, customer solution.
  • We reduce the cost of ownership with your solution by providing diagnosis, maintenance and repair locally.

Our national footprint enables your reach as a systems integrator.  We have the facilities, the engineers and the managed services to help you roll out your computer solutions.

Staging Centers

For large integration projects, that involved return, rotation, and erasure of equipment, Prismpointe opened a 83,000 square foot secure staging facility where:

  • Personal Computers, laptops, network equipment, printers and multi function devices are stored
  • Software, hardware, configurations and supplies are standardized to match your need and loaded onto your computer
  • Engineers, labs and assistance are readily available for burning, testing, and usage prior to shipment

PrismPointe specializes in custom system setups, including multi-vendor integration, custom configuration, software loading and hard disk duplication. When we stage your solution, it arrives at your installation site already inventoried, assembled, loaded with software, configured, tested and asset tagged.

Integration Capabilities that promote Solution Deployment

Hardware Configurations PrismPointe's secure, local configuration and engineering centers will:
  • Configure the network infrastructure to broadcast digital content to kiosk, desktop, tablet, or PDA
  • Build out the Kiosks that will be going in end user environment.
  • Attach specialized hardware to upgrade the computer for a better end user match
  • Enter the equipment into the end-users Asset/Inventory Management system
  • Test the product and custom configuration
  • Order parts and software and install as needed
  • Project Manage the entire effort
  • Schedule and Coordinate the Cabling Contractors
  • Package and Ship equipment to site to the receiver who could be a PrismPointe engineer
Software Configurations PrismPointe help's your IT staff with ongoing image maintenance, whether it includes specific changes to image loads on desktop PCs, laptops, mobile devices, tablets or PDAs.  We will:
  • Changes to operating system service pack levels
  • BIOS & Firmware upgrades
  • Security-related patches and updates
  • Software updates and changes
  • Addition or removal of software applications
  • Configuration settings and changes
Onsite Solution Installation PrismPointe's local, full time employee, certified field engineers will:
  • Deploy Server and Wireless Controller in end users environment
  • Run network cables from end users offices to access points
  • Connect Server to end user ISP and POS systems
  • Hang access points in the end user environment for the local LAN
  • Test Connectivity
  • Initialize software installation on kiosk, desktop, tablet, or PDA
  • Testing and Verification of all equipment to your integration standards

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