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IMAC Services from PrismPointe Technologies

Computer Installations.  Computer Moves.  Computer Changes.

PrismPointe Technologies is focused on IMAC services and IT maintenance that supports the client server technology found on your desktop, through your network and into your data center.

  • Do you need to install new IT equipment or software?
  • Do you wish to upgrade your existing equipment or software?
  • Do you need to move existing equipment to a new location or within your end-user community?
  • Will these changes create redundant equipment that will need to be securely disposed of?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then PrismPointe Technologies has a support service for you.

Typically IT equipment Installs, Moves, Additions and Changes or IMAC means that your systems need to be adapted to meet new dynamic operational needs that may involve a physical relocation of equipment or system upgrades and reconfigurations.  Whether the task involves physical relocation of equipment or system upgrades and reconfigurations PrismPointe can remove the strain from you, your staff and your budget.

We will undertake changes quickly with minimal associated costs, as well as:

  • Providing minimum disruption to your business or staff
  • Ensuring your new computer hardware is running at optimum efficiency
  • Support services for a corporate or campus-based environments that involve enterprise networking and widespread upgrades

IMAC Services are a natural Extension of our Break-fix services.

From the installation of a wireless network in a company campus to upgrading the memory capacity of hundreds of desktops in an office environment, our IMAC Services handle activity of any size, any scope, any where. 

As an extension to your existing outsourcing strategy for desktop, LAN and infrastructure operations, change management activities are a natural next step. IMAC services from PrismPointe provide a consistent service based on best practices to ensure that infrastructure changes are done quickly and properly. PrismPointe's heavy investment in automation and integrated process architectures for IMAC Services reduce the cost of change management, particularly in the distributed enterprise, with end-user service-level agreements (SLAs) geared toward your business.