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Our Certifications for the Client Server Architecture

PrismPointe Technology invests heavily in technical certifications for all technology found within client-server architecture.  This ensures that our customers:
  • Receive the most up to date technical skills, insights and knowledge from our backline support.
  • Always have access to the latest firmware, software revisions and technical tips for our field engineers.
  • Receive the shortest return to service times achievable

Our broad certifications guarantee that we provide you with a holistic approach when troubleshooting any of the devices found within your client  server architecture.  This makes PrismPointe Technologies eminently qualified to diagnose your problem, and make the repairs necessary to repair your desktop, your mobile device, your printer, your multi-function device, your network or your blade server.

PrismPointe Technologies Certifications for Client Server Computing Architecture

Client Server mobile device support
Mobile Device and Tablet Support
Client Server Desktop PC Support
Desktop Personal Computer Support
Client Server mobile device support
Laptop Support
Client Server Printers and printer support
Printer Certifications
Client Server Multi-function devices
Multi Function Device Certifications
Multi Function Printer Certifications
Client Server Copier Fax Support
Fax and Copiers Certifications
Client Server Software
Software Certifications
Client Server Network
Network Certifications