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About Us

Our Certifications with Software Providers

PrismPointe Technology invests heavily in technical certifications for the manufacturers we support.  This ensures that our customers:
  • Receive the most up to date technical skills, insights and knowledge from our backline support.
  • Always have access to the latest firmware, software revisions and technical tips for our field engineers.
  • Receive the shortest return to service times achievable

Our broad certifications guarantee that we can provide you with a holistic approach regarding what repairs may be necessary to fix a problem with your desktop, your mobile device, your printer, your multi-function device, your network or your blade server.


Microsoft Certification Software Engineer

Microsoft Certification Professional
PrismPointe invests in a wide array of microsoft certifications including the MSCE, the MCSE for the cloud, MCSM (Solutions Master) , and MCSD (solutions Developer).

Today�s IT problem diagnosis require multiple technologies to resolve a tough client server business problem. PrismPointe ensure that they have the  technical knowledge in not just one but across an array of technologies, in on-premises, private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid environments.

Microsoft�s new certification platform that certified engineers on not just experts on the individual technologies but on the holistic solutions.

Dell Certification

Dell Certification for PowerEdge Blade servers
PrismPointe Technologies is an Authorized Services Provider (ASP) for all Dell desktop devices and PowerEdge, PowerVault and PowerConnect products.  PrismPointe is authorized to perform warranty repairs, sparing returns and software download and installation.

PrismPointe is certified for PowerEdgeTM M-Series Blades and the M1000e enclosure including components, configuration, deployment and troubleshooting. Additionally, holistic insights into Network Fabrics, I/O modules, system management hardware and software, and power and thermal budgeting and monitoring is a result of this certification.