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About Us

Coverage Offered by PrismPointe Technologies

Coverage Physically, Technically and Customized.

PrismPointe is the absolute expert in client server computing whether the implementation is local, for a campus or global, supporting a wide area network.

  • Are you looking for a company that is an expert in the desktop, the network and the data center?
  • Are you looking for a company that has a global physical presence with secure locations in every market we enter?
  • Are you looking for a company that customizes your support plan around you, with service levels for every situation?

    Global Coverage from Physical Service Centers

    Service Delivery Regions


    Global Service Locations PrismPointe currently delivers direct support with our "In country" service centers located in:
    • Canada, Toronto
    • China, all markets
    • Germany, Manheim
    • Korea, Seoul
    • Kuwait, Kuwait City
    • Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    • Malasia, Singapore
    • United States, all markets

    PrismPointe delivers indirect support to all other locations shown in the green.

    Global Coverage for all Manufacturers

    Customer Call Centers


    Logos of the OEMs we support In addition to our "In country" service centers, PrismPointe has customer call centers located in:

    • Beijing, China
      Data Center Support
    • Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
      Data Center Support
    • Kansas City, Missouri, USA
      Network Support
    • Atlanta, Georgia, USA
      Desktop Support

    Global Coverage with flexible Service Level Agreements

    Service Level Agreements ICONS for our services PrismPointe currently delivers direct support with:
    • Onsite Engineer -- Mission Critical with onsite presence and spares local, on-site or off-site
    • 7x24, 2 -- Mission Critical with a 2 hour response with local spares
    • 7x24, 4 --Mission Critical with a 4 hour response with local spares
    • 5x12, 4 -- Critical Premium service with 4 hour same day response