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About Us

What We Do

PrismPointe offers services that help you with each phase of the asset management life-cycle.

We start by offering a secure, web based software tool, that is used to track an asset from purchase through its retirement.  Our unique support knowledge allows us to make equipment purchase recommendations based on your supportability requirements and the desire to keep total cost of ownership low.  With PrismPointe you can:

  • Plan asset acquisition using our supportability models  to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Deploy your solution using our facilities to register software licenses, stage, assemble, test and ship your desktop solution
  • Maintain your desktop solution using PrismPointe's field engineering organization
  • Manage the details of the asset like special blueprints, network diagrams, or firmware backup
  • Retire the asset in a secure and environmentally compliant manner, harvesting software licenses when possible.

PrismPointe supports most devices found in today’s client-server end user environment. This includes printer fleets, desktop devices, mobile devices, kiosks, and multi-function devices. We deliver superior customer services with a multi-vendor, flexible, and more responsive service. We are certified for:

PrismPointe can install, manage, maintain, move, erase and recycle the majority, if not all, of the IT devices found in your computing environment. Our value-added services extend beyond end user computing needs and to the data center where we offer support services for LAN and WAN networking with our extensive Cisco Systems certifications and remote monitoring capabilities.

Flexibility, agility and breadth are the hallmarks of support services from PrismPointe Technologies.

Now from one company, you can have one IT maintenance contract, one point of contact and one company to work with for all your computing needs, PrismPointe Technologies.