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IT Asset Management Services from PrismPointe Technologies

IT Asset management for the Desktop to the Data Center.

PrismPointe Technologies is focused on the global IT maintenance and IT Asset Management (ITAM) services that support the client server technology found on your desktop, through your printer fleet and into your data center.  PrismPointe specializes in developing customized support solutions that encourage secure removal, recycling or re-deployment of IT assets.

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then Prismpointe has a technical solution for you.

PrismPointe offers services designed for the end-to-end management of the assets found in your data center. These services save you money, save you time and eliminate many IT headaches and risks.

All of our services are delivered using singlePoint™ as our point of control.  SinglePoint™ ensures that records are kept for proof of service regarding data erasure, device destruction and environmental compliance.

PrismPointe ITAM Services for those intermittent but necessary tasks.

Find Savings in your data center Asset Erasure Use PrismPointe for secure equipment erasure and re-cycling!
All devices can be sanitized to DoD 3 pass, and 7 pass military specifications, or higher. Certificates of erasure are posted to singlePoint� for your records.
Find Savings in your data center Asset Destruction If an asset has to be destroyed, PrismPointe processes all pieces in accordance with Federal, State, and local regulations. Certificates of destruction and chain of custody records are posted to singlePoint� for your records.
Find Savings in your data center Asset Redeployment All devices are restored to the manufacturer's original specifications by PrismPointe engineers. Your equipment can be caged and stored by PrismPointe until you are ready to re-deploy these assets within your own company.

Find Savings in your data center Equipment Moves Use PrismPointe for infrequently performed tasks!
You may need to move a single device, a single blade, a single rack, or rearrange all the equipment in your data center. PrismPointe can help and we guarantee our work.
Find Savings in your data center Equipment Installation When equipment arrives, PrismPointe will install and test the equipment so that it performs to the manufacturer�s specification. We will add the equipment to singlePoint� to ease tracking and management.
Find Savings in your data center Data Center Relocation You may need to move your equipment across town or across the country. PrismPointe will help you plan, implement, and test the equipment in your move.

Find Savings in your data center Service Contract Audit Find Savings in OEM Service Contract and Equipment Errors!
Most large client server desktop environments have multiple service contracts that may contain devices with duplicate coverage, mismatched SLA�s, or coverage for decommissioned devices.
Find Savings in your data center Site Equipment Audit Most large data centers have hundreds, if not thousands of devices. This service is used to inventory those assets, serial numbers, and physical locations. The information is stored in PrismPointe�s own online, secure, web portal singlePoint�.