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Desk Side Services from PrismPointe Technologies

Personal Computing Desk Side Support.

PrismPointe Technologies is focused on IMAC and desktop maintenance services that support the client server technology found on your desktop.  We specialize in customized support solutions that enhance, uplift or augment your recent upgrade to newer desktop technologies.

  • Do you want to maximize your personal productivity?
  • Do you want to free your IT resources by off loading basic tasks?
  • Do your end-users need support beyond the what a standard help desk can provide?
  • Do you want to minimize your reactive support of your end-users to new or unfamiliar hardware and software?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then Prismpointe has a Desk Side Support solution for you.

PrimsPointe Desk Side Services Leverages your IT investment.

PrismPointe helps you free your IT resources by off-loading basic, reactive support of end users who often need assistance with unfamiliar hardware, software and processes. Deskside Services from PrismPointe

When your end users need help beyond what is provided by the manufacturers over the phone, PrismPointe can deliver desk side support to give your end users access to hands-on assistance at their desks. Sometimes things just get done faster in person, so PrismPointe desk side support brings face-to-face contact and hands-on support directly to the workplace.

Skilled, effective on-site support gives your end users the critical skills they need to leverage the laptop at their desk and the applications at their fingertips more effectively and makes them better equipped to focus on the work at hand and get more done.