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Maintenance and Support for Servers and Storage.

PrismPointe Technologies delivers global IT maintenance and IMAC services that support your data center , through your network and onto your desktop.   Through our parent company, Systems Maintenance Services (SMS), PrismPointe specializes in developing customized support solutions that replace,  uplift or extend manufacturer warranty on many data center devices at a significantly reduced cost.

Our customers experience the best support in the industry as evidenced by our 99.7% customer retention rate.

  • We are local to our customers.
  • We arrive on-site with working parts, tools, and test equipment.
  • We are trained on both your hardware and software.
  • We have a working knowledge of firmware, OS and IOS, as needed.

We support all IT Assets in your data center

Servers Are you tired of EOL notices from your OEM that prompt system upgrades?

Are you looking to support a multi-vendor environment?
Are you looking to support your production or test environment?
Are you concerned about time to respond or time to repair?

Storage Do you need to reduce post-warranty support costs?
Do you want to avoid an unnecessary capital equipment expense?
Do you need a reliable backup mechanism?
Service Contracts Are you sure your coverage matches your need?
Are you sure all of your devices are covered?
Are you paying for coverage on decommissioned devices?

Would you like to have your all your contracts co-terminated?
Would you like a single point of contact for all your service?

We Maximize the Useful Life of IT Assets

Our customers keep their assets longer and experience greater return on investment from those assets.

When our customers look at the lifecycle of an asset, they realize that the greatest capital cost is the cost of acquisition.  SMS looks at an asset from acquisition through its service life, and on to retirement.  Our goal is to help you minimize the ongoing operating costs, and maximize the asset’s useful life.  Put another way, we help you reduce your total cost of ownership