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About Us

Why Select Prismpointe

  • Are you seeking a desktop maintenance company that offers a flexible, customized contract with a variety of service levels?
  • Are you looking to support all your IT devices like printers, desktop PC’s, network and data center servers and storage using a single contract with a single point of responsibility?
  • Do you need to know that your computer are being securely configured, maintained and re-cycled to current legal standards?
  • Do you want to do business with a company that has a "get it done" attitude regardless of the difficulty of the task?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, look no further than PrismPointe Technologies.  PrismPointe delivers all of the services found in the IT asset life cycle.  The key benefits we offer to our customers are:

PrismPointe Technologies offers a very robust and flexible service portfolio designed to exceed the demanding expectations of client server computing users throughout your enterprise. We start with a focus on all the edge devices like:

  1. Personal computers: We are an Authorized Service Provider for Dell and HP, and support the System Engineering certification from Microsoft
  2. Printers and copiers: We are an Authorized Service Provider for Lexmark, HP and Okidata.
  3. Mobile computing: This rapidly growing tier of computing products may have a diminishing footprint, but it carries the same security and asset disposal issues associated with PCs, printers, copiers and scanners

With our unique heritage in client-server computing and a structured approach to asset management, PPT is a global leader for IT Asset Management. Our flexibility, agility and depth sets PrismPointe Technologies above the rest.