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Key Services from PrismPointe Technologies

  • Does the standard maintenance warranty from the manufacturer not meet your needs?
  • Does your end user community need a faster response time than is available from the manufacturer?
  • Are you looking to keep your client-server client devices beyond a standard refresh cycle?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then PrismPointe Technologies has a client-server support solution for you.

As a manager of personal computing environments you know that a users priorities and ROI are different. The downtime of a knowledge worker can cost thousands of dollars per hour in lost billings. PrismPointe specializes in developing customized support solutions that enhance and uplift the manufacturer warranty to:

  • Minimize your downtime
  • Maximize your personal productivity
  • Reduce the cost of ownership by reducing support costs
  • Reduce your capital equipment expenses by maximizing asset longevity

PrismPointe offers important services to your Manufacturers warranty

PrismPointe Technologies delivers break/fix warranty support for many of the worlds greatest IT brands. While doing this, many of our customers asked us if we could enhance the manufacturers warranty services to meet their special need. PrismPointe offers:
UpLIFT™ PrismPointe will take the manufacturers standard next business day warranty, and uplift the response time to be same business day, same business day return to service or onsite support.
eXtend™ PrismPointe will take the manufacturers standard warranty and eXtend™ it with our own services.  If your manufacturer warranty expires, we will provide your with an eXtend™ warranty that lets you keep your client-server devices beyond their normal 3-year, 4-year or 5-year refresh cycles.
All-From-One™ PrismPointe will help you customize your service contract across your enterprise so that:
  • each device has a stated duty cycle
  • each device has the proper service level for its usage requirements
  • each facility has a customized sparing plan either on-site or off-site
  • each facility has a storage or device erasure policy

We will customize our vast suite of services to meet your specific needs.