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All-From-One™ Services from PrismPointe Technologies

  • Do you need a portfolio of services for your printer fleet or your desktop?
  • Do you require simplified billing for these services?
  • Do you want one contract and one point of contact for everything?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, then PrismPointe Technologies offers our All-From-One™ service contract.

As a manager of printer fleet, desktop environment, mobile environment or any specialty kiosk,  you know that computers need routine or preventative maintenance throughout their life.  Likewise, all PCs, mobile devices, PDAs, MFDs and printers carry important corporate information on them that becomes a liability if not decommissioned securely and thoroughly.

PrismPointe specializes in developing customized support solutions that maintain all the computing devices that support your company.  We will:

  • Maximizing asset longevity and save your capital equipment budget
  • Establish a duty cycle for routine maintenance and the erasure of disks, PDAs and MFDs

PrismPointe offers the All-from-One™ service for routine IMAC services

PrismPointe Technologies delivers break/fix warranty support for many of the worlds greatest IT brands. While doing this, many of our customers asked us if we could enhance the manufacturers warranty services to meet their special need. PrismPointe offers:
All-From-One™ PrismPointe will help you customize your service contract across your enterprise so that:
  • each device has a stated duty cycle
  • each device has the proper service level for its usage requirements
  • each facility has a customized sparing plan either on-site or off-site
  • each facility has a storage or device erasure policy for each device

These All-From-One™ service levels are established when your asset is purchased, and recorded in our secure web based portal, singlePoint™ so that when final disposition of the asset is needed, we have defined procedures to follow.