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About Us

PrismPointe Technologies Service Delivery Overview

PrismPointe Technologies leverages the strengths of its parent company, Systems Maintenance Services.  Together with its parent,  PrismPointe leverages its own considerable infrastructure, methods and technical knowledge of the engineers throughout the combined companies. PrismPointe offers:

  Global Call Centers PrismPointe owns and leverages 4 global customer call centers:

Uptime is our passion.  Connecting our customers with our experts to resolve their problems is the reason for this investment.

  Global Client Service Program PrismPointe recognizes that your maintenance contract with us is our service promise.  To give you unequalled control over your contract we provide:
  • Client Service Representatives to assist you with contract management
  • The singlePoint® software application to automate contract management
  • Fix-IT-First® to make sure that nothing is mistakenly overlooked
  Global Remote Monitoring PrismPointe offers, on select devices, a remote monitoring service that:
  • Informs our call center of the incident
  • Creates a ticket for the incident
  • Dispatches an engineer

All of these activities are monitored through singlePoint®, our integrated, secure, web based incident tracking system.

  Local Software Assistance PrismPointe offers, best effort professional services for the systems we support.  These services may consist of:
  • System performance tuning
  • System advisory services, storage expansion, and backup

These services are available to assist you with the occasional system advice or problem resolution you may need.

  Global Delivery Procedures PrismPointe has a flexible, customer driven process for service delivery.  This includes:
  • The on-boarding process and procedures
  • On-site equipment audit and contract reconciliation
  • Service commencement orientation and engagement

Combining these programs with our vast network of trained and certified field engineers, PrismPointe has earned a 99.7% customer retention rate.