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Client Services at PrismPointe Technologies

Service excellence happens every day at PrismPointe because of the efforts and hard work of individuals who know that a satisfied customer is a great customer.

To facilitate the adoption of singlePoint® as a secure, web based, service contract management system, PrismPointe created the Client Services organization. This organization uses singlePoint® to facilitate the equipment moves, adds, changes and deletes that happens to the equipment found in your data center.

  singlePoint® adoption The Client Service Representative assigned to you will assist in the:
  • On-boarding of your contracts, SLAs and special items into singlePoint®
  • Quality check the contract items with your physical serial numbers
  • Train your staff in the use of singlePoint® for online service contract modification.
  singlePoint® self-service option Your Client Service Representative will show you how to use singlePoint® to:
  • Perform equipment deletes, adds and changes for your SMS service contract
  • Perform SLA revisions, upgrades and deletions to reflect your exact needs
  • Execute on-line pricing revision to your SMS service contract.
  singlePoint® renewal option Your Client Service Representative will ensure that:
  • Your service contract is renewed in a timely fashion
  • Your new equipment warranties are properly upgraded when needed
  • Your server families are properly configured in singlePoint® to maximize equipment overlap, efficiencies and subsequent discounts and savings.

By combining this program with our vast network of trained and certified field engineers, PrismPointe has earned a 99.7% customer retention rate.