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Maintenance for EMC Storage Products

Maintenance for EMC CLARiiON, EMC Symmetrix, and EMC, Celerra

  • Are you tired of paying outrageous support costs for post warranty EMC support?
  • Would you like to get great service that is responsive, cost effective and local?
  • Are you tired of being pushed into the latest technology, regardless of your need?

  • Are you looking for multi-vendor support beyond the EMC device?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrimsPointe Technologies can help. 

PrismPointe is the only proven alternative to EMC maintenance.  We set the new standard for responsive, cost effective, third party maintenance for most EMC products.  With PrismPointe maintenance, you can keep your post warranty EMC products for as long as you choose. This saves you operating expenses and capital equipment expenses.

Maintenance and Support for EMC CLARiiON™

PrismPointe supports:
  • CLARiiON Model CX200, CX300, CX400
  • CLARiiON Model CX500, CX600,  CX700
  • CLARiiON Model CX3-10, CX3-20
  • CLARiiON Model CX3-40, CX3-80
  • CLARiiON Model CX4-120, CX4-240
  • CLARiiON Model CX4-480
  • CLARiiON Model CX4-960
EMC Clariion storage You chose the EMC CLARiiON because of its easy-to-use networked storage for small to medium businesses. Now you can get the responsive support you need at an affordable price from PrismPointe.  We deliver:
  • Remote monitoring that quickly identifies points of failure.
  • PrismPointe call center diagnoses the problem quickly, without unnecessary triage or delays.
  • Call center quickly routes the failure to the correct engineer.

PrismPointe offers a great alternative to EMC CLARiiON owners who want to keep their current CLARiiON, but don't want to pay for overpriced EMC or Dell maintenance.


Maintenance and Support for EMC Connectrix™

PrismPointe supports:
  • Connectrix Model DS-16B, DS-16B2
  • Connectrix Model DS-16B3, DS-16M
  • Connectrix Model DS200B, DS-220B-FF-0
  • Connectrix Model DS-24M2, DS-300B
  • Connectrix Model DS-32M2
  • Connectrix Model DS-4100B, DS-4400M-08
  • Connectrix Model DS-4700M-16, DS-4900B
  • Connectrix Model DS-5000B, DS-5100B
  • Connectrix Model DS-8B, DS-8B2
    Connectrix Model DS-8B3-FF-0
  • Connectrix Model ED-10000M, ED-140M
  • Connectrix Model ED-24000B, ED-48000B
  • Connectrix Model ED-5000, ED-6064
  • Connectrix Model ED-6140, ED-64M
EMC connectrix switches EMC Connectrix Switches keep the most demanding SAN environments up and running.  Now with PrismPointe maintenance you can:
  • Increase your uptime with our local sparing strategy.
  • Emulate your configuration in our local offices to ensure implementation quality.
  • Decrease your post warranty support costs and to decrease your capital expenses as well.


Maintenance and Support for EMC Symmetrix™

PrismPointe supports:
  • Symmetrix DMX 800, DMX 1000
  • Symmetrix DMX 1000-P
  • Symmetrix DMX 2000, DMX 2000-P
  • Symmetrix DMX 3000
  • Symmetrix DMX 801
  • Symmetrix DMX 1000-M2,
  • Symmetrix DMX 1000-P2
  • Symmetrix DMX 2000-M2,
  • Symmetrix DMX 2000-P2
  • Symmetrix DMX 3000
  • Symmetrix DMX3-SYS24-3D
  • Symmetrix DMX4-SYS24-3D
EMC Symmetrix storage You chose the EMC Symmetrix because you needed to keep your data available all the time. Now you can keep your EMC Symmetrix as long as you choose, without sacrificing service quality.  We deliver:

  • Fast response with hardware maintenance for slow performing or failing DASD arrays.
  • Remote monitoring quickly identifies points of failure.
  • PrismPointe deploys necessary actions, and escalates any major issues, if needed.

Our engineers generally have your problem resolved without your users even knowing there was an issue.