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Maintenance for Network Products

Maintenance for Networking Routers and Switches

If you are like most enterprises, your infrastructure is comprised of a combination of mission critical, advanced technologies and End-of-Support (EoS) products. Regardless of the makeup of your assets, PrismPointe can provide a flexible support solution to meet your requirements and reduce total cost of ownership.

  • Are you looking for unparalleled capabilities, knowledge and options for Network support?
  • Are you seeking a partner who really understands multi-vendor asset management, contract management and incident management?
  • Do you want a partner with comprehensive 3rd party capabilities for End-of-Support products?
  • Do you want a comprehensive post-procurement lifecycle partner including localized, expert deployment capabilities, IMAC services, and IT Asset Disposition including configuration erasure and redeployment or recycling?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will find that PrismPointe Technologies is:

  • Is a networking powerhouse focused on support and service programs
  • Has in-depth knowledge and in-house root cause analysis capabilities for LAN, WAN or Campus environments using our own network operations center
  • Employs advanced certifications and  expertise for your LAN or Campus networking environment.

As a market leader networking maintenance solutions, PrismPointe provides multiple support programs to assist you in meeting your comprehensive network requirements.

PrismPointe  offers an unequaled support portfolio.

PrismPointe understands how to leverage manufacturer support programs and then combine them with PrismPointe’s own warranty UpLIFT™ and warranty eXtend™ to:

  • Give you a better service level to meet your mission critical requirements
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership and
  • Delivery multi-vendor support from one contract, and one number to call

Our analytical approach involves working closely with you to determine your exact support needs by device.

PrismPointe OEM Warranty Support OEM bundled warranty support is still the choice for support for many technologies. But what if you need a:
  • Better SLA for your mission critical needs
  • Return to Manufacturer spares return
  • Technical advice for your LAN or campus environment

PrismPointe will work with you to provision OEM services where and when appropriate in your environment.

PrismPointe UpLIFT Support PrismPointe uplifts all OEM warranties using our UpLIFT™ service to utilize our local field engineering team, our global logistics facilities for sparing, and other value added services to meet your specific SLA requirements.

The PrismPointe UpLIFT™ service complements the manufacturers warranty service (if available) when you require an uplifted service level.

PrismPointe Extended warranty Support PrismPointe direct maintenance is available for all products that are End of Life, End of Support or End of Software Support.  You can take control of your upgrades and your capital equipment expenses by extending the products warranty to converge with the manufacturers optimal equipment upgrade life-cycle.  PrismPointe's eXtend™ service applies to products that are:
  • End-of-Support by the manufacturer
  • Soon to be End-of-Support by the manufacturer
  • Past End of Software maintenance release milestone