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Maintenance for HP 9000 Products

Maintenance for HP 9000, HP Unix Servers and HP-UX support.

  • Are you tired of paying HP for software subscriptions that are not applicable to your systems?
  • Are you tired of paying excessive post warranty maintenance fees as a tactic to justify hardware upgrades?
  • Are you worried that an upgrade to Itanium for your HP-UX applications leaves you with little investment protection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to consider third party maintenance through PrismPointe Technologies to reduce your costs, improve your service levels and gain control over your capital expenses.

Customers everywhere have discovered that PrismPointe sets the new standard for responsive, cost effective, third party maintenance for ALL the Hewlett-Packard 9000 products, especially those that run the PA-RISC architecture.

  • By keeping your current PA-RISC systems, you can avoid costly software subscriptions because HP-UX is frozen at version 11iv3. 
  • No new operating systems versions are being produced for PA-RISC beyond HP-UX 11iv3, so software upgrades are pointless.
  • Their is no need to disrupt a working application environment with an unnecessary or temporary hardware upgrade.


Maintenance and Support for HP Blade Servers and Servers

HP Integrity PrismPointe will:
  • Deliver superior post warranty services
  • eXtend™ the current warranty
  • UpLIFT™ the warranty
  • Install, move, add or change all products
  • Securely recycle all products
HP Integrity rx16XX HP Integrity rx26XX HP Integrity rx46XX
HP Integrity rx46XX HP Integrity rx76XX HP Integrity rx86XX
N-class HP 9000 K-class HP 9000  
rp7400 HP 9000 rp8400 HP 9000 rp8420 HP 9000
rp54x0 HP 9000 rp8420 HP 9000 rp8400 HP 9000
rp8420 HP 9000 N-class rp74x0
Series 700 workstations    
B-class workstations C-class workstations  
EOL D-class HP 9000 EOL K-class HP 9000 EOL L-class HP 9000
We support all models including the HP ProLiant, HP PA-RISC and the HP Integrity Family of blade servers.