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Maintenance for IBM xSeries Computers

Maintenance for IBM xSeries Computers

  • Is your IBM xSeries hardware no longer under warranty?
  • Are you looking to avoid a costly xSeries hardware upgrade?
  • Are you looking for a maintenance alternative that is cost-effective, more responsive, and understands the mission critical nature of your environment?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should take a closer look at IBM Maintenance Services from PrismPointe Technologies.

PrismPointe Service Levels for IBM xSeries Computers

  1. Responsive. You will experience:
    • Flexibility with customizable SLAs, invoicing, and payment terms.
    • Aggressive escalation that involves senior engineers in all incidents.
    • 24/7/365 service with 15-minute response to page-outs and 2 hours on-site.
    • "Call home" feature on all IBM hardware maintained.
    • Skilled and cross-trained engineers. backed by supervisory-level engineers.
    • Comprehensive xSeries inventory of all critical back-up parts.
    • Regular preventative and remedial maintenance.
    • EC-level and patch updates immediately available.
    • Proactive and regular reviews with the client to improve support.
  2. Cost Effective. You do not have to sacrifice service or support levels in order to meet budget constraints.
  3. Consultative. You have access to experts who understand xSeries hardware, capacity planning and environment planning.

PrismPointe leads the third party independent hardware maintenance market by consistently offering new maintenance services well ahead of our competition at price points that cannot be beaten. We support a wide variety of IBM zSeries systems.

Maintenance and Support for these IBM xSeries Computers

PrismPointe will:
  • Deliver superior warranty services
  • eXtend™ the current warranty
  • UpLIFT™ the warranty
  • Install, move, add or change all products
  • Securely recycle all products
  • IBM xSeries 205
  • IBM xSeries 225
  • IBM xSeries 235
  • IBM xSeries 100
  • IBM xSeries 3500
  • IBM xSeries 3800