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Data Center Relocation Services

Data Center Relocations

  • Do you want to move a single device or multiple devices?
  • Do you want to move devices within your data center or to another data center?
  • Do you want your data center move to be a worry free non-event?
  • Do you want a single point of contact and payment for all activities?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for responsive, cost effective, IT equipment move services for most products found on your desktop or in your data center.

PrismPointe is perfectly suited for the job when you are seeking computer move services that range from a simple PC desktop move to the most complex data center consolidation.

Your Computer Equipment Moved Right and Worry Free!

  • Do you want a single point of contact for coordination, management, and general oversight?
  • Do you want a consolidated bill that can be bundled with your monthly maintenance charges from SMS?
  • Do you need a guarantee that if a hardware problem occurs during your move, it will be fixed?

Your property is treated with great care!

  • Our engineers are trained technicians, not sub-contracted general purpose movers.
  • Our engineers are platform-neutral and support all major OEM brands.
  • Our engineers will coordinate a multi-location move with PrismPointe engineering centers located throughout the US.
  • PrismPointe provides up to $2,000,000 for all IT relocations with higher levels available on request.

Who better to move your computer equipment than engineers who work with it daily?

Extensive experience and a dedicated migration specialist make your move team more than just a truck and movers. They work with you at every level to ensure a successful data center transition including:

  • Data center strategies and consolidation planning.
  • Detailed project management.
  • Asset swap or swing equipment.
  • Migration timelines and budget planning.
  • Application checklists and data synchronization.
  • Communication plans and command centers.

We offer 3 Computer Equipment Relocation Solutions to fit your need!

Basic Box Move The most straightforward equipment move offered by SMS.
  • PrismPointe has a national service center network.
  • PrismPointe engineers are W2 employees that are highly skilled and certified on a variety of technologies.
  • PrismPointe is highly skilled at supporting multi-vendor environments and dealing with OEM warranties.

In the unlikely event of a mishap, PrismPointe engineers are fully prepared to repair your equipment. 

Assisted Migration Service You assume the responsibility for your move. 
  • PrismPointe provides a relocation specialist with 25 years or more of IT relocation experience to work with you on the logistics of your move.
  • Our relation specialist will work on your behalf and coordinate the services of the PrismPointe engineers if they are used in your move.
Total Migration Service PrismPointe take complete responsibility for your data center move.

We provide a relocation specialist who assists in complex planning.  The specialist will assist in determining migration strategies, communication tactics, migration planning, and help orchestrate the details through the final aspects of the move.

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