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Computer Erasing at PrismPointe Technologies

  • Are you concerned about data loss from recycled personal computers?
  • Do you see the security risks associated with improperly recycled IT equipment?
  • Do you need compliance with HIPAA, SOX, RoHS or other EPA regulations?

IT asset decommissioning is a huge problem that plagues IT operations managers. The problem is aggravated by security, data security, recycling restrictions and the seeming endless environmental regulations.

PrismPointe Technologies remedies these asset life-cycle issues with our ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) program.  We address:

  • When was the device decommissioned? Was it erased?
    Was it erased in accordance to industry standards?
  • Was it destroyed? 
    Where is the certificate of destruction?
  • Was it re-deployed? 
    Who was it re-deployed to within your company?
    Was it erased before it was re-deployed?
  • Was it sold?
  • Was it disassembled and used for parts?
  • Was it recycled for scrap?

In part to address these issues, PrismPointe developed singlePoint™ to manage your data center assets by using a secure web based portal.  SinglePoint´┐Ż tracks your assets from acquisition to decommission, saving all the necessary paperwork along the way.

PrismPointe Computer Recycling observes Chain of Custody procedures

Decommission Has the asset reached the end of its useful life?
Can the device be re-commissioned within your company?
Data Erasure
All devices can be sanitized to DoD 3 pass, and 7 pass military specifications, or higher.
  • DoD 5220.22-M(E) is the process of overwriting a disk with a 3 pass process.
  • DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) is the process of overwriting a disk with a 7 pass process that includes DoD 5220.22-M(C) with pseudo random values for step 4.

Certificates of erasure are posted to singlePoint™ for your records.

Data Destruction SMS will physically destroy your hard drives, tape drives and physical storage media.  We can:
  • Shredded at your facility.
  • Securely shredded at our facility.
  • Recycled to composite metals.

Certificates of destruction are posted to singlePoint™ for your records.