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Computer Equipment IMAC Change at PrismPointe Technologies

  • Do you need to change the computer equipment in your client server or desktop computing environment?
  • Do you need to load any special software?  Do you need to configure it? 
  • Do you need technical assistance to test these changes or additions?
  • Who is going to securely dispose of the old equipment when it leaves your premises?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for IT equipment IMAC Change services for most products found in your client server infrastructure, your network or your data center.

Direct Equipment Reinstallation

If your equipment does not need to be refurbished or hardware reconfigured, and can be used without major modifications, direct reinstallation at your site is the right choice. A certified PrismPointe engineer will arrive at your site with software, hardware or a complete device and reinstall that device on your client server infrastructure. We will test the device to ensure its proper functioning with your netork and other related application software.

Managed Refresh

To stay on top of new technology, your equipment may need upgrading to new software, new memory, new firmware, new encryption keys or storage. PrismPointe using our All-For-One™ service option will manage your equipment refresh project on time and right the first time.  We will use all the capabilities found with our equipment staging service either at your site or ours.

Equipment Staging Services

A Prismpointe staging facility is a secure facility area where:
  • Personal Computers, laptops, network equipment, printers and multi function devices are stored
  • Software, hardware, configurations and supplies are standardized to match your need and loaded onto your computer
  • Engineers, labs and assistance are readily available for burning, testing, and usage prior to shipment.

PrismPointe is ISO 2000 certified and delivers IMAC as well as all ITAD services.  PrismPointe delivers local, manufacturer trained, certified W2 engineers with specialized expertise for a complex, one-time task.  We install most hardware brands, whether it is new equipment, OEM refurbished equipment, used equipment, or pre-owned equipment.

Secure Equipment Recycling.

Now that you have installed all your new equipment, what are you going to do with the older equipment and especially the company data that was stored on it?  PrismPointe offers a number of secure options:

Decommission Has the asset reached the end of its useful life?
Can the device be re-commissioned within your company?
Data Erasure
All devices can be sanitized to DoD 3 pass, and 7 pass military specifications, or higher.
  • DoD 5220.22-M(E) is the process of overwriting a disk with a 3 pass process.
  • DoD 5220.22-M(ECE) is the process of overwriting a disk with a 7 pass process that includes DoD 5220.22-M(C) with pseudo random values for step 4.

Certificates of erasure are posted to singlePoint™ for your records.

Data Destruction SMS will physically destroy your hard drives, tape drives and physical storage media.  We can:
  • Shredded at your facility.
  • Securely shredded at our facility.
  • Recycled to composite metals.

Certificates of destruction are posted to singlePoint™ for your records.

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