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Asset Management at PrismPointe Technologies

  • Are you tired of paying too much for simple IT equipment moves?
  • Are you worried about invalidating your warranty for a simple box move?
  • Do you want a local resource who specializes in  IT equipment moves?
  • Do you want that equipment moved immediately?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for responsive, cost effective, IT equipment move services for most products found in your client server infrastructure.

PrismPointe  is perfectly suited for the job when you are seeking IT move services that range from a simple box move to the most complex data center consolidation.

PrismPointe is at least 40% less expensive than the OEM.  PrismPointe provides manufacturer trained, certified engineers who deliver specialized expertise for complex, one-time tasks.  We move, install and support new equipment, OEM refurbished equipment, used equipment or pre-owned equipment.

We move thousands of IT devices each and every day!

eMail us your needs and include the following details:

  • Your requested move date and start time.
  • Your equipment inventory with originating and terminating locations.
  • Your declared value.

We will  provide you with an estimated price to accomplish these tasks:

  • De-install your equipment (device, rail kit, power cords and network drops).
  • Pack the equipment for transportation.
  • Transport the equipment to the new location(s).
  • Unpack the equipment and dispose of the waste.
  • Re-install your equipment in accordance with your scripts (device, rail kit, power cords).

If your move turns out to be bigger than you thought, we offer our data center move planning service. Our staff reviews your plans with your project manager to make sure there has not been anything left off that may be crucial to the success of the move. Using one of our experienced practitioners can make a tremendous difference to your move.

Your property is treated with great care!

  • Our engineers are trained technicians, not sub-contracted general purpose movers. 
  • Our engineers are platform-neutral and support all major OEM brands.
  • Our engineers will coordinate a multi-location move with PrismPointe engineering centers located throughout the US.
  • PrismPointe provides up to $1,000,000 for all IT relocations with higher levels available on request.

North America: