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Managed Print Services: Planning

  • Are you looking to reduce the cost of printing within your company?
  • Are you looking for a process that leads you to a sustainable business improvement?
  • Are you looking to improve your employee workflow and streamline overall business operations?
  • Have you implemented a printer consumables program that generates lasting savings?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for responsive, cost effective, printer repair for most products found on your printer fleet, your desktop and your data center.

PrismPointe Starts By Understanding Your Savings Objectives.

PrismPointe works with you to understand and reveal unseen printing costs within your organization that have been a drain on your bottom line. These are items like hardware, software, paper, toner and service calls. Our unique assessment process uncovers areas of potential savings, which enables us to provide a performance improvement plan to realize potential savings. Industry norms:
  • A well executed Managed Print Services program can reduce your print operation costs by as much as 28%, International Data Corporation (IDC)
  • The average company spends up to 7% of its total revenue per year on documents, The Aberdeen Group.

PrismPointe's experience has been no less dramatic. An engagement with a typical school system, whose Managed Print Service identified a savings of 28% and actually resulted in a 64% annual savings. This equated to $500,000 more in savings over 5 years than originally projected.

Managed Print Services has a clear, proven track record when it comes to providing significant print savings versus existing annual costs. Our unique process for assessing your current print environment uncovers hidden areas for potential savings and puts a customized plan in place to realize those savings.

Your plan may include recommendations such as the redeployment of underutilized printers with a low TCO or placing controls on the volume of color output produced. We find inefficiencies, correct them and, as a result, you see significant savings.

Where to start?

The key is in understanding what the business needs. We start with a comprehensive assessment of your print environment, which includes a needs analysis.
The Printer Smaller environments can often benefit from all-in-one or multifunction printers that save space as well as money compared to single function printers. Single function printers can actually over-deliver in areas and performance that aren�t always a requirement of a particular business.

The Consumables
Streamlining the supply chain in line with what your business actually uses will eliminate waste, and free up budget that would otherwise be gathering dust in the supply room, in the form of unused cartridges and toners.

Prismpointe is a master at standard contracts with SLAs that will ensure that you receive the consumables you require, that use is monitored, and that you�re restocked when you need to be. With quarterly billing, it�s a very manageable arrangement.

With this arrangement, you will never over stock and then obsolete the printer and end up with unused supplies gather dust in a landfill.

The Network Do you have easy-to-use network administration tools that control who can access and use certain print resources. Not every 50-page document needs to be printed in color on premium paper stock.

The Workflow Are your printers located nearest to the people who use them the most often?  This simple workflow change results in a 10% time improvement by putting the right printer nearest to the person who needs it most.

The Software Software saves. Selecting the right software for your printer(s) will pull down overheads and the TCO, with the biggest savings coming from reduced and more efficient use of consumables. Print management solutions software can also improve productivity and reduce downtime created by bottlenecks. Reports that provide accurate analysis of use will help you really get to grips with what you need, when you need it, and help identify areas where you can improve.
The Simple Things One thing we always encourage is duplex printing as standard. We find that organizations often overlook duplexing, and they�re shocked when they discover this simple change often produces savings of between 30-50 per cent.


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