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Managed Print Services: Process

  • Are you looking to reduce the overall cost of printing within your company?
  • Are you looking to improve your employee workflow and streamline overall business operations?
  • Are you looking to improve printer service levels while minimizing downtime?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, PrismPointe Technologies can help.  Since 1981, we set the standard for responsive, cost effective, printer repair for most products found on your printer fleet, your desktop and your data center.

An IDC study reveals that office printing has mushroomed a staggering 700% up on the 1997 figure. This is attributed to the ever decreasing cost of printer hardware, but copying, by contrast, held steady until 2003, before declining gradually.

The PrismPointe Process Creates a Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

We offer a six step approach that creates and supports a sustainable company-wide managed print services business model. It reduces your overall costs while improving efficiencies and employee productivity and satisfaction. This unique services offering can transform your business processes and remove the burden of printer ownership so your IT resources can focus on critical business needs.
Print Assessment and Recommendation Your entire print fleet operation will be analyzed using industry best practices, and a brand agnostic recommendation will be provided to maximize productivity and decrease costs.
Initial Printer Fleet Optimization Hardware, services and supplies will be installed or redeployed to consolidate devices, maximize productivity and lower operating costs.
Remote Monitoring and Management Devices will be automatically monitored for consumable usage, service issues and life-cycle asset management´┐Żfreeing up internal IT resources to focus on more critical business needs.
Automatic Supplies and Service Based on remote monitoring, supplies and services are automatically dispatched to your location as needed. As a result, productivity and employee satisfaction increases while downtime decreases.
Consolidated Invoice Manage your print budget with one consolidated invoice based on per-page costs to remove unexpected expenses.
Ongoing Printer Fleet Optimization Continuous fleet monitoring will uncover additional cost-savings opportunities. Optimized services include device and usage tracking and strategic recommendations to ensure ongoing improvements to your print fleet as your business changes over time.


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